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Dump 2.99.10 is out


Things that it fixes are listed on the ChangeLog

Especially bad blunder was an one-off bug on SMTP channel so that
when it was producing QUOTED-PRINTABLE, it did not follow (correctly)
the dot-duplication procedure, and in some cases the message was
sent truncated, and the rest of the message lines were entered as
commands...  (If you see "SMTP responce overran input buffer", this
is the most likely reason!)
... and because it generated bad results from the SMTP status, the message
was sent again and again :-(   (One of my local users got this way circa
3000 duplicates, some X.400 recipients did get a couple hundred.. Auch..)

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>

-----------------------  ChangeLog  ------------------------------------
Thu Jan 19 02:34:02 1995  Matti E. Aarnio  (mea@oj287)

	* Makefile:
	    Patchlevel=10, DUMP

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c main(): 
	    Fixup of parameters of the  getopt() call.
	    (So that "-E" will finally work as intended.)

Wed Jan 18 13:29:50 1995  Matti E. Aarnio  (mea@oj287.astro.utu.fi)

	* router/functions.c run_listexpand():
	    When "rrouter" evaluation meets a duplicate removal,
	    it returns a list of "()" -- so, an object without
	    contents.  (Again SIGSEGV..)

	* libc/mail.c mail_close():
	    When ZENV-variable  ROUTERDIRS does have invalid elements,
	    use the last valid element (or the default of "router")
	    as the directory name.
	    ( "sendmail", and "smtpserver" are affected by this! )
	    ( Sure, nobody enters invalid elts into the dirlist ? Heh.. )

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c writemimeline():
	    Did wrong thing, when outputing QP coding, had a one-off
	    with "column" variable, when it was a question about
	    line prefixing "."...  (Auch!)

Tue Jan 17 10:53:02 1995  Matti E. Aarnio  (mea@oj287.astro.utu.fi)

	* hostenv/Linux, hostenv/SunOS5.3:
	    "GETPWNAM=" -- MUST BE DEFINED, as the otherwise default
	    of iterating with  getpwent() is BAD MEDICINE!
	    This has been the reason for several odd problems on POSIX,
	    and alike, systems!
	    ( "include/mailer.h"  has "#define getpwname zgetpwnam" to
	      map the normal library call to ZMailer wrapper.. )

	* scheduler/scheduler.c:
	    A missing "int wrkcnt;" variable declaration..
	    (How on earth it did slip into the dump ?)