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Odd problems with name<->uid mappings (solved)

While putting the lattest ZMailer (2.99.9) into my Linux machine,
I did quickly found out that something is seriously wrong.

The system was successfull at doing the first lookup of /etc/passwd
information (getpwnam(), getpwuid(), whatnot..), but second one would
always fail.

As it turned out, the hostenv/XXX  MUST have   GETPWNAM=
defined (not commented) for things to work properly.

This same applies also to Solaris 2.3, SunOS 4.x (especially when
you have NIS and friends),  "OSF/1 3.0 EnchSec" (the soon to be
ftp.funet.fi ..) -- and frankly I don't know where it would not apply..
(Linux, and SunOS5.3 (Solaris) didn't have it defined..)

The  2.99.9  does not compile cleanly, on  scheduler/scheduler.c
there is a missing "int wrkcnt;" which you can insert at the start
of the block where it is used (and complained..)
( Apparently I had made that dump a bit before I had finished all
  of the tinkering, and just thought the dump is up to date :-/ )

I do suspect this is the thing that Marco Hernandez has been seeing also.

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS:  Symptoms on that getpw*() -problem were really difficult to
     understand. The program (router) worked just fine when started
     under GDB, but when running stand-alone, it manifested the bug...

     Finally when started from one (pseudo-)terminal, and debugger
     attached to it from another, I was able to see where it was
     executing when things started to go bonkers..