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Re: NOBODY = -2 ???

[ On Thu, December 22, 1994 at 14:58:50 (-0500), Jerzy Sobczyk wrote: ]
> Subject: NOBODY = -2 ???
> I have a question:
> I README.solaris it is suggested that in Solaris NOBODY should be set to -2 

I'm not sure about Solaris-2, but on the original AT&T SysVr4's, there's
a define in one of the <sys/*.h> files that gives the correct value.  I
believe it's <sys/param.h>, and the define is UID_NOBODY, and the value
is 60002.  There is also a define something like GID_NOBODY for the
appropriate group id.  Of course the uid and gid of the user "nobody"
should be equal to these values too....

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