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File layout modifications.

I have just moved my zmailer from existing on the boot disk of a machine 
to living on an external disk.  I'm finding a LOT of hardwired paths
e.g. newaliases.

I think that better behaviour for zmailer would be for it exist in a 
maximum of two trees.  One is the the unchanging part and would consist of

The other would have the stuff that is turning over a lot
zmailer/mailspool (incomming mail)

zmailer.conf and mail.conf would live in share/cf
By default the binaries would look in ../share/cf, where the starting 
directory is the one where the binary was found.

Depending on the system these two trees could be on the same or on 
different file systems.

Anyone with the authority to start/stop zmailer would add 
/whatever/zmailer/bin to his path.

Is this crazy?

(Assumptions: zmailer is used either as a switch for routing zillions of 
messages, or it's used as a department sized solution for both clients 
and a forwarding hub.  This assumption becomes less valid if you have to 
worry about multiple architectures, multiple subnets, situations where 
you don't want every machine to mount the mailhub's zmailer file system 
and so on.  What other bugs do you see?)

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