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Re: MSMAIL gateways ...

>> It seems to happen when zmailer and MSMAIL get together.  It appears
>> that the 220 ... is confusing ZMAILER, I thought the correct code was
>> 250 ? But 220 should work no ...

We've had problems with zmailer talking to MSMAIL servers.  The fix
was to get the MSMAIL admins to patch their gateway software.

>From our local MSMAIL guru:

	It was fixed a long time ago with version 3.02 of the MSMAIL gateway.
	Unfortunately, Microsoft still only ships version 3.0 of the gateway
	and doesn't tell the purchaser that 3 patches currently exist to fix
	known problems.  To make the gateway current (version 3.07), you need
	Microsoft application notes: GW0648, GW0649 & GW1034.  They can be
	found on ftp.microsoft.com.

--Cheryl Bien
  The Aerospace Corporation