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Re: Problems building Zmailer

The problem with the ctype multiple definition is because someone did

	#define static

in the zmailer source: this turns off the static keyword on these
inline functions, and then gcc puts them into the text segment as
standalone functions in addition to inlining them every time they
are used. The result is obvious; every time the .h file with the
inline function is included, it results in an extra definition in
the .o

I built zmailer for BSDI, and I had the same problem, as well as
a few others. I tried to keep my changes logged in a file, and I
can post this to the list, I don't think it is that large, or I can
send it to whoever is interested. I can't guarantee the correctness
of the patches, since I also made some local modifications to zmailer,
but I think I made an effort to split out OS-specific problems.