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Re: mea's dump version 2.98 is available

> On Thu, 15 Dec 1994, Murray Latter wrote:
> > > The Linux compilation will halt at linkage error on router. To
> > > fix it, add "-lgdbm" to the router/Makefile:ROUTER_LIB= -entry.
> > I added the -lgdbm and I get the error:
> > ld: No such file or directory for libgdbm
> > Is this file something extra I should have somewhere?
> > Thanks, Murray
> 	On my Linux box gdbm is called dbm.  Why Volkerning did that I 
> dunno.  Shoulda been a symlink IMHO.  This is under Slackware 1.2.  
> ANyway, try adding -ldbm and see what happens.  Or try adding 
> /usr/lib/libdbm.a to include the dynamically linked version in the 
> compile line directly.

	On Slackware 2.0.2 it is  libgdbm.a ...
	There is also   libdbm.a, which is something else..

	Btw: Could anybody check that   router/libdb/gdbm.c
	     is valid and up to date with the current GDBM
	     version ?  Perhaps add some tests so that a change
	     (incompatible one) on the GDBM will 'crash' the
	     compile with a warning ?

> Lee

	/Matti Aarnio