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Re: Getting mea zmailer

> From neat.cs.toronto.edu!yonge.cs.toronto.edu!nic.funet.fi!zmailer-owner Mon Dec 19 02:52:06 1994
> Date:	Fri, 16 Dec 1994 19:09:31 -0500
> From:	Scott Ballantyne <sdb@ssr.com>
> Subject: Getting mea zmailer
> To:	mea@nic.funet.fi
> Cc:	zmailer@nic.funet.fi
> Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT
> Well, it's pretty hard to get into ftp.funet.fi. As Matti indicated,
> it's quite overloaded. Is there any possibility of getting this
> package on the site at toronto.edu, or ftp.uu.net?
> Not sure we'll switch to it (we're still using Rayans last release
> with many patches), but I'd like to take a look at it.
> sdb
I'll put the current version from ftp.funet.fi on ftp.cs.toronto.edu as soon
as I can get onto ftp.funet.fi.....