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zmailer 2.2.e3 and PC with NUPop problem

Solaris 2.3, zmailer 2.2.e3 compiled with Sun's C 3.0
The PC connects to the sun's smtp port, does a 
-->HELO []
and the sun doesn't like the ip number, it only wants the name like mcapp.med
(not mcapp.med.utoronto.ca or mcapp).  The sun responds with
<-- 250-That hostname is inconsistent with your address to name mapping.
<-- 250 sun expected "HELO mcapp.med"
This is fine, except that NUPop gets the first line, then does a RSET then
gets the next line from the sun as the response to the RSET and everything
is out of order after that and ends up not sending the message
The MAC program Eudora handles this same situation fine.
I assume I have something misconfigured, but don't know were to look.
Many thanks in advance,
Nancy E. Worth       worth@medac.med.utoronto.ca & postmaster      (416)978-7557
Computing Support Div., Fac. of Medicine, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8
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