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Re: Mail From

> > > Hi All:
> > > 	Got the latest version from funet, compiled in on a SOLARIS 2.3
> > > using gcc 2.6.0.  One prob ?
> > > 
> > > 	All my outgoing mail has a mail from line of daemon@host.domain
> > > ???.  Yes, I have a zmailer group and root, daemon and uucp are in it,
> > > along with a couple of other uid's ...
> Actually, the problem was with litproc and mh, which both connect to
> the localhost ...  I removed the -a flag from smtpserver when I
> replaced it, all was fine again.  I don't quiete understand the
> inteaction here.  Does smtpserver no longer get it's config from the
> smtpserver.conf file ?  -a is a new flag ...

	The "-a" activates usage of AUTH/IDENT, but it generates just
	log information, and should not affect ....

	... Ah, of course!  When email is submitted via SMTP, it must
	be submitted with FULL HEADERS, because it -- effectively -- is
	external mail when submitted via SMTP.

	I have SunOS4.1.3 + GCC-2.6.0, and SunOS5.3 + GCC-2.5.8
	running this lattest version, and both have no problems what
	so ever with "-a" running...

	Following is enough on  /etc/zmailer.conf
		SMTPOPTIONS="-al /var/log/mail/smtpserver"
	(and on ZMSRC/SiteConfig -file earlier)
	It turns on the "auth/ident" -logger, and also designates
	logfile.  The "-s" -options requires parameters, and
	therefore is a bit more difficult:
		SMTPOPTIONS="-asl ve /var/log/mail/smtpserver"
	which enables VRFY and EXPN -- like the default is.

	The   smtpserver.conf  has entirely different function.
	It is analyzed when a HELO/EHLO is given to server.
	As documented on the  smtpserver.conf -file, it turns on
	a selected list of features (EXPN, VRFY) and can be used
	to verify addresses on MAIL FROM:<> and RCPT TO:<>.
	(Among other simple things...)

	Ok, but all this doesn't explain why Marco got email
	"From: "-headers stating "daemon@xxxxxx" ?
	Perhaps SMTP-server's log shows what was entered
	into it ?   (At least  MAIL FROM:<> and RCPT TO:<>'s)

> /Marco

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>