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Re: zmailer 2.2.e3 and PC with NUPop problem

> Solaris 2.3, zmailer 2.2.e3 compiled with Sun's C 3.0
> The PC connects to the sun's smtp port, does a 
> -->HELO []
> and the sun doesn't like the ip number, it only wants the name like mcapp.med
> (not mcapp.med.utoronto.ca or mcapp).  The sun responds with

	That might depend upon your  /etc/nsswitch.conf: hosts -entry in it.
	(I have there: dns files, you have propably: nisplus files ?)

> <-- 250-That hostname is inconsistent with your address to name mapping.
> <-- 250 sun expected "HELO mcapp.med"
> This is fine, except that NUPop gets the first line, then does a RSET then
> gets the next line from the sun as the response to the RSET and everything
> is out of order after that and ends up not sending the message

	The NUPop is wrong at it. "250-" is intermediate "250" responce,
	and means that there is more coming in.  Only the "250 " ("250"+SPC)
	should be accepted as state-termination of the "250" responces.

	Which version of NUPop is that ?  How old is it ?

> The MAC program Eudora handles this same situation fine.
> I assume I have something misconfigured, but don't know were to look.

	It MIGHT be possible to configure NUPop to send:

		HELO mcapp.med

	but somehow I doubt it..

	Btw: There are such clients as:  PC-Eudora, and PC-Pine !
	(Eudora -- usually uses POP, PINE uses IMAP..   I think the
	 latter is better protocol for message-store retrieval, but
	 your opinion may vary..)

> Many thanks in advance,
> Nancy.
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> Nancy E. Worth       worth@medac.med.utoronto.ca & postmaster      (416)978-7557
> Computing Support Div., Fac. of Medicine, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8
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