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Re: Random neuron firing #242

mss1@cornell.edu (Michael S. Shappe) wrote:
 | I just recently was made aware that Rayan Z., Zmailer's author, is now
 | president of UUNET Canada...is this truly news, or am I just in a news
 | vacuum? :-)

It happened more than two years ago (UUNET Canada started operations in
Nov. 91) and is part of the explanation for why there have been so few
postings from Rayan to the list for that time. (I recall a brief one on
the sendmail bug in November 1993, a new release and Q&A omnibus in July
1992.  Time to start a sweepstakes on when we'll see this year's
message...  Double or nothing on whether that will announce a release ;-)

 | At any rate, does this mean (does anyone know? Is Rayan still 'round to
 | comment himself?) that Matti is now the primary support for Zmailer (not
 | that that's a problem -- he's been doing a very good job)?

de facto, it certainly seems that Matti's the primary maintainer.

At the moment, Zmailer's a bit of an orphan, which is sad.  I think that
Zmailer is the best mailer available for large mail gateways or sites
that need high flexibility, but it needs an official maintainer to at
least put fixes/new-ports into the main version -- nope, I'm not