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Re: Router dumping core

> > 	PS: My CNAME recursion blocker was coded in a year or so ago..
> > 	    Could you see, why sometimes  router  can route, but SMTP
> > 	    doesn't find MXes, nor As ?  Wierd, isn't it ?
> Yes, I do see that..  It is strange indeed .... On a related note, I
> see that you changed i-smtp.cf to the following, don't you want the
> first ?  I do not understand the value in changing this relation to 
> bind,any ....
> # Define BIND databases
>  #relation -t bind,cname -n -s 200 canon  # T_CNAME canonicalize hostname
>  relation -t bind,any -n -s 200 canon  # T_CNAME canonicalize hostname
>  relation -t bind,mx -s 200 mxhosts # T_MX

	Yes, I re-used wisdom from others, namely I learned that
	sendmail does exactly that.  A bit of local cacheing would
	be benefittal inside the Zmailer resolver, but local  named
	can do it just as nicely..

		ANY returns CNAME (alone) if that is what the thing
		points to, else it returns something else and the
		system knows it already has the canonic form, because
		it didn't get CNAME..
		(CNAME can't co-exist with SOA, for example, thus it
		 can never exist with NS either..)

	If the DNS contains garbage, Zmailer may fall on false
	information, but there is very little we can do to fix
	such in the mailer...

> /mh

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>