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Re: zmailer's parsing of quoted addresses

>>      What might be the MTA where the sending was attempted ?


>>      That is, it reports the  SMTPSERVER's  complaint that illegal
>>      (non-quoted) address is tried to feed to it, but then it states
>>      below that "554 QUOTED_ADDRESS...  Remote protocol error"
>>      I have a feeling that the problem side is some  smail, or  sendmail...

I looked at /var/log/smtpserver.0 and it appears that the quotes are not
making it over to the machine running zmailer:

[mail43] grep 18127 /var/log/smtpserver.0
18127w  220 aero.org Server ESMTP ready at Fri, 24 Jun 1994 13:56:42 -0700
18127#  remote from []
18127r  HELO solarium.aero.org
18127w  250  aero.org Hello solarium.aero.org
18127r  MAIL From:<thomas@solarium.aero.org>
18127w  250 Ok
18127r  RCPT To:<lao::louis andrews@mts$.enet.dec.com>
18127w  501-               ^
18127w  501 Path data: Missing "@" from mailbox definition
18127r  QUIT
18127w  221 aero.org Out

>> No wonder it blows, try:
>> 	router  '"lao::louis andrews"@mts$.enet.dec.com'

Duh.  That does work much better!  Thanks.

--Cheryl Bien