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Re: Port to Linux?

  lee@netspace.cis.brown.edu (Lee J. Silverman) writes:
> 	Has anyone been able to port Zmailer to Linux?

> 	I've been trying to compile Zmailer for Linux, but from my
> brief look into the Zmailer code, it seems to redefine the return type
> of EVERY standard lib function, and screws up on the types of several
> of them.  It also seems to mess up the definition of alloca(n).  This
> has led to major trouble compiling the package.
You bet. Defining malloc() in every procedure which uses it, instead of in
a standard header file, is a Bad Thing.

At least the new MEA version seems to have cleaned up all of this. (Mostly.)

> 	Any tips on where to begin porting this package?  I really
> need a high volume mailer...

Right now I'm busy, but I'm in the process of integrating the new MEA
sources with my somewhat-hacked version. It does run under Linux.

NB: Some special routing requirements force me to modify the .cf files in
such a way that they're a lot more recursive than the author of ZMailer
originally intended, which results in a Big Bang sooner or later...
Could somebody who knows more about the nitty-gritty details of interpret()
et al. please convert it to allocate its stack(s) dynamically? THANK YOU!

You fill a much-needed gap.
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