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Re: Port to Linux?

> 	Has anyone been able to port Zmailer to Linux?
> 	I've been trying to compile Zmailer for Linux, but from my
> brief look into the Zmailer code, it seems to redefine the return type
> of EVERY standard lib function, and screws up on the types of several
> of them.  It also seems to mess up the definition of alloca(n).  This
> has led to major trouble compiling the package.
> 	Any tips on where to begin porting this package?  I really
> need a high volume mailer...
> Lee

	Lets talk more..

	There is not yet any port to Linux, but it should be
	quite simple -- once you know what all those wried things
	in  hostenv/  -directory mean..

	I am a bit skeptic on that high-volume + Linux, though.
	I have 4 router processes which grow to 30 MB each when
	they route a huge list.  (On average it seems to glob
	circa 44 kB/address, which is a lot more than I would
	like to happen.. 0.5 kB should be aplenty :-/  )

		/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>