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Re: Some internet->uucp problems with zmailer.

It appears that problem with the From: and To: lines being rewritten
incorrectly is solved by declaring uunet.uu.net as a smart host and
taking the smtp!uunet entry out of the routers file. Everything
appears to work as it should now that I've done that.

It's beginning to look more and more like the only way to remove the
domain name from the rmail command is to hack some of the source. Has
this really never been a problem for anyone else? Hard to imagine.

While I'm typing, I have another question. Zmailer does some really
great optimizations when it does smtp with another internet site. But
on the UUCP side, it insists on sending multiple copies of the
messages instead of just sending the message once and using multiple
addresses in the rmail command. 

This also looks like it needs to be added in the source. Has anyone
done this already?