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Zmailer coredumping on Ultrix 4.2


	I'm not on this list (but I soon will be!), but I have a fairly
urgent need to get zmailer working on Ultrix 4.2.  I had to make a few changes
to get it to compile cleanly, but now that I have, I have a rather odd problem:
the router seems to core=dump only on local mail.  Outgoing goes out just fine,
but anything that needs to be delivered locally chokes.
	Does this sound familiar to anybody?  I'd very much appreciate hearing
from anybody who has a distribution that does work cleanly on Ultrix 4.2 (on
	Thanks very much...

[This is Zmailer 2.2]

Again, I'm not on the list (yet), so please CC: me any responses... or send me a
copy of the FAQ if there is one and this is one.  Thanks...]
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