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Some internet->uucp problems with zmailer.

We have some problems with internet->uucp gatewaying and zmailer (or
probably the problems are mine). In any case I ask the accumulated
wisdom of the zmailer list.

ZMAILER Version: 2.2 from toronto.edu

Problem 1:


accbbs.com is actually uucp-only site which has arranged for name
service and MXing from uunet and we have agreed to act as a forwarder
for accbbs.com. Mail arrives via UUCP for accbbs.com properly
bangified by uunet:

From: <uunet!domain.com!user>

zmailer rewrites this line as

From: <domain.com!user@uunet.uucp>

before delivery. When the user replies to this address, our zmailer
starts up a SMTP session with uunet:

   RCPT To:<domain.com!user@uunet>
   550 <domain.com!sdb@uunet>... User unknown
   250 Reset state
   221 relay1.UU.NET closing connection

Is there a proper solution to this other than having uunet change the
MX records for accbbs.com?

Problem 2:

We do MX'ing for another uucp site. This site is running an ancient
version of system 5 (I think it's a 3b1). Now that they have received
a domain name, zmailer routes mail to them with the rmail command of

rmail uucpname.com!user

but the ancient rmail on the 3b1 doesn't understand that uucpname.com is
actually the machine uucpname and bounces the mail. The fellow on the
other end has not had any luck installing a more capable mailer. How
can I persuade zmailer to deliver to uucpname!user in a situation like

Thanks for your help,