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Date mail header rewriting and RFC822

We received a complaint from a user that we were incorrectly 
rewriting the "Date:" header on mail originating in different 

For example, the following message started out at "2:32 EDT" but
the machine we are running zmailer on rewrote this to be "23:32:46 -0700"
which is the original time rewritten to the timezone on the machine 
zmailer is running on (PDT).

	Return-Path: <bien@commandant.aero.org>
	Received: from aero.org by antares.aero.org (4.1/AMS-1.0)
		id AA12900 for bien; Wed, 1 Jun 94 23:32:59 PDT
	Received: from commandant.aero.org ([]) by aero.org with SMTP id <111211-1>; Wed, 1 Jun 1994 23:32:49 -0700
	Received: by commandant.aero.org (4.1/AMS-1.0)
		id AA09352 for bien@antares.aero.org; Thu, 2 Jun 94 02:32:46 EDT
	Date: 	Wed, 1 Jun 1994 23:32:46 -0700
	From: bien@commandant.aero.org (Cheryl Bien)
	To: bien@aero.org
	Subject: test mail bien from csd2
	Message-Id: <94Jun1.233249pdt.111211-1@aero.org>
>From the router manual page, I see I can turn this rewriting off:

     You may decide to add or remove header definitions from this
     database.   This is done using the normal database interface
     function, db.  For example,  if  you  want  to  disable  the
     automatic  checking (and rewriting) of Date message headers,
     you would do "db delete headers date".  Such actions  should
     never  be done lightly, since it will likely cause violation
     of the RFC822  protocol  when  transferring  mail  to  other

Does anyone know what the "correct" thing to do is?  Are we
really incorrectly rewriting the headers?

Thanks for any insights,

--Cheryl Bien