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Re: Date mail header rewriting and RFC822

  Cheryl Bien <bien@antares.aero.org> writes:
> For example, the following message started out at "2:32 EDT" but
> the machine we are running zmailer on rewrote this to be "23:32:46 -0700"
> which is the original time rewritten to the timezone on the machine 
> zmailer is running on (PDT).
I've noticed that too.

IMHO, it's OK to rewrite Date: headers, _but_ only of no information is
lost. Removing the timezone of the original header and replacing it with
your own is not a good idea.
Removing the timezone and replacing it with its equivalent (e.g, MET with
+0100, NOT with whatever zone you happen to be in) is OK, and makes some

> From the router manual page, I see I can turn this rewriting off:
I'll do that until somebody has fixes to the date rewriting code.
(I don't have the time right now. :-( )

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