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Re: using majordomo with zmailer

> | The built in mailing list support in zmailer is rather cool.  However,
> | it doesn't follow the conventions that majordomo uses.  So, in order
> | to make using majordomo as easy as just creating a file in the lists
> | directory, I made the following changes to aliases.cf.
> Thanks for the patch.  One question, though.  Doesn't this
> arrange for all mailing lists to be controlled by majordomo?
> I'd prefer an arrangement where some could be handled in the
> usual way, and others by majordomo.  Perhaps by checking
> to see if the list file is owned by majordomo, or if it
> lives in a majordomo subdirectory.

  I don't yet have time to truly comment on those changes, but
they are a part way to what I have thought as being needed for
fluent list wrapup processor integration without a massive set
of  /etc/aliases -aliases..  (Actually my dream is a lot more
complex, but I am too tired to explain it now..)

Nothing prevents you from having BOTH mechanisms -- just have
separate directories for each set.

I have implemented the   mailserver@nic.funet.fi  as a
which contains essentially the pipeline to run the program.
I don't see why you could not do the same for things like
Majordomo.  Maybe you could ?

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>