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using majordomo with zmailer

The built in mailing list support in zmailer is rather cool.  However,
it doesn't follow the conventions that majordomo uses.  So, in order
to make using majordomo as easy as just creating a file in the lists
directory, I made the following changes to aliases.cf.

*** /tmp/T0a11755	Mon Apr  4 03:09:44 1994
--- aliases.cf	Fri Apr  1 05:31:42 1994
*** 175,181 ****
  			return $(rrouter $(uid2login "$(filepriv $a)") $attr)
! 		a="$MAILVAR/lists/$(basename "$lcuser" -request)" &&
  			[ -f $a ] &&
  			return $(rrouter $(uid2login "$(filepriv $a)") $attr)
--- 175,190 ----
  			return $(rrouter $(uid2login "$(filepriv $a)") $attr)
! 		a="$MAILVAR/lists/$(basename "$lcuser" -request)"
! 		if [ -f $a ]; then
! 			b=$(basename $lcuser -request)
! 			priv=$(login2uid $MAJORDOMO)
! 			attr=$(newattribute $attr privilege $priv)
! 			return $(rrouter "|$WRAPPER request-answer $b" $attr)
! 		fi
! 		;;
! 	*-approval)
! 		a="$MAILVAR/lists/$(basename "$lcuser" -approval)" &&
  			[ -f $a ] &&
  			return $(rrouter $(uid2login "$(filepriv $a)") $attr)

After applying these patches (against the mea-940322 release) you need to
add the following lines to zmailer.conf (Config in the source):


Then you need to make /var/spool/majordomo/lists a symbolic link to
/usr/lib/zmailer/lists, or the other way around depending on your likes.
Now, for the most part, all you need in your aliases file are entries
for majordomo and majordomo-owner and owner-majordomo.  Everything else
is automatic.  When majordomo creates a list zmailer will automatically
start routing mail for it properly.  If you want to have the mailing
list go through resend you'll need to put that in the aliases file.

Brett McCoy, UNIX Systems Administrator
Computing and Network Services
Kansas State University,  Manhattan KS  66506
vox: (913) 532-4908 / fax: (913) 532-5914 / e-mail: brtmac@ksu.ksu.edu