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Re: PINE & Zmailer

> I found my lost message from Oct 94 so it's a bit older.
> Using PINE as mail user agent we had some problems with mail received by 
> Zmailer. Pine started complain about incorrect fold lines in the header 
> of a message. Here comes some communication between my friend and one of 
> the author of Pine:

So you want this kind of effect ?

	To:     mea@utu.fi
	From:   "a guy with horribly long textual name string sdfsdf sdfsdf sdfsd" <mea@utu.fi>

(or preferrably breaking at LEGAL places ?)

Anyway,  router/rfc822hdrs.c:hdr_print() -- it contains constants of '80'
in 3 places.  I altered them to be a variable, and gave that (static) a
value of 160.  It should work most of the time :)
(Yes, a stop-gap until I had time to do it properly -- no that time yet..)

However now that I have in practice gotten NJE-on-UNIX finished
(a good beta, documentation is somewhat unfinished), I am again
hacking mailers :-)

I haven't heard anything of Rayan for last half a year, thus I am
now doing a release-engineering of the Zmailer-2.2.2-mea  by merging
in Solaris patches (by doing it on Solaris 2.3 machine, once it arrives)
and also including Emil into Zmailer.

(What Emil ?  You do know about IDA-sendmail ?
 Ida  happens also to be Swedish women's name, and in one particular
 popular -- in this part of the world anyway -- book series there was
 a 'sidekick' girl whose brother was called Emil.. 
 This IDA-Emil is MIME-converter for sendmail-v8(IDA), but it should
 be mergable with Zmailer too..)

> -- Kamil.Kukura@tuke.sk
> -- --------------------
> -- MIME, ISO-Latin-2

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>