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PINE & Zmailer

I found my lost message from Oct 94 so it's a bit older.

Using PINE as mail user agent we had some problems with mail received by 
Zmailer. Pine started complain about incorrect fold lines in the header 
of a message. Here comes some communication between my friend and one of 
the author of Pine:

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1993 00:24:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mark Crispin <MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU>
To: "Barry Bouwsma, mere clown" <barryb@vszbr.cz>
Subject: re: Pine bug with fan mail

     Thanks for the example.

     The To: line with the address:

renegade cyclist and hacker Barry Bouwsma <barryb%CCSUN.TUKE.CS@earn.

is invalid according to RFC 822 section 3.1.4, page 8.  In part, it reads as
follows: ``... there must be NO linear-white-space betweed <word>s that are
separated by period (".") or at-sign ("@")...''

     The line continuation is, itself, valid.  The problem is that
continuation translates into linear-white-space; that is, it forms a resulting
address of:

renegade cyclist and hacker Barry Bouwsma <barryb%CCSUN.TUKE.CS@earn. cvut.cz>

     Note the space after ``earn.''.  The truly sad part of this story is that
if it weren't for certain *other* brain-damaged mailers, Pine might have been
able to parse this correctly...  ;-(

    Okay, now that you have seen that, here is what resulted in a test
where I sent myself mail with a long name.  Here is how Pine wants to
see it (which is correct):

>From barryb@vszbr.cz Fri Oct 15 18:33:30 1993
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1993 18:23:22 +0100
From: "Dude with an even longer name, to be crashing mailers"
To: barryb@ccsun.tuke.cs
Cc: Barry Bouwsma <barryb@vszbr.cz>
Subject: Parse check

(This is where Pine split the long From: line into two parts.)
But here is how the zmailer on ccsun.tuke.sk rewrites the headers:
(Full headers shown here)

>From barryb@vszbr.cz Fri Oct 15 18:35:14 1993
Received: from vsz.vszbr.cz ([]) by ccsun.tuke.cs with SMTP id <64631>; Fri, 15 Oct 1993 18:24:12 +0100
Date:	Fri, 15 Oct 1993 18:23:22 +0100
From:	"Dude with an even longer name, to be crashing mailers" <barryb@vszbr.
Subject: Parse check

    Note that the address line is split at the wrong point.  That is why Pine
complains.  This is something that zmailer does, which is in violation of

that's all. If this problem was discussed before then sorry for bothering.

-- Kamil.Kukura@tuke.sk
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