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Re: Fix for a bug in makeHeader...

If this is the case, then it must be compiler dependent, not system
dependent, because we only run SunOS 4.1.3! But we're using GCC 2.4.3 as
the compiler, not Sun cc, becuase we discovered a bug in Sun cc that was
affecting MX record lookups (it was incrementing a for loop incorrectly).

This would also explain why it hasn't been caught before :-)


 On Fri, 17 Dec 1993, Peter Ziobrzynski wrote:
> I tested the problem you pointed out on two of my systems SVR4 - Esix 4.0.3
> and Sun OS 4.1.3. The problem occurs ONLY on the the SVR4.
> The Sun gets away with accessing unallocated memory.
> I applied your fix and my SVR4 works ok now - thanks Michael.
> -- 
> Peter Ziobrzynski, pz@modtor.emp.promis.com, Toronto, Ont. Canada