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Re: Zmailer/netfind problem

Kamil writes about  $MAILSHARE/cf/server.cf change to make
netfind work as expected -- for ordinary user accounts..

> I have modified this as following:
> 	case $(channel $quad) in
> 	local)	text=$(login2uid $(user $quad))	# ignore return value
> 		if text="$(fullname $(user $quad))"; then
> 			text="local delivery for $text"
> 		else
> #it's not '250 OK..'	text="local delivery for"
> 			text="550 no such user:"
> 		fi
> If is true above and netfind will not use RCPT TO: for searching e-mail
> addresses then it should work.

  However if you have user addresses of style:
it can end up yielding
	250 error delivery to norealname for <Firstname.Lastname>
which of course isn't quite what you would expect...

Complete fixup will need also modifications into  smtpserver.c so that
it will report intermediate results (250 / 550 / whatever) as intermediates
(250- / 550- / whatever-) and terminating one in the end.

Also when user has a .forward to a filter, above fix fails with EXPN..

I will try to create complete set of fixes over the weekend
(in between a Radio Amateur Technical Society of Finland confrence
 and whatnot I should really be doing...)

> And of course make sure in accordance to man pages of smtpserver that file
> 'smtpserver.conf' is located in the $MAILSHARE.

  Default value is "* ve", which also happens without HELO-command..

> K a m i l   K U K U R A
> Kamil_Kukura@ccsun.tuke.cs

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>