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Re: Re Zmailer/netfind problem

> To: Mike Schwartz <schwartz@latour.cs.colorado.edu>
> Cc: zmailer@cs.toronto.edu
> Subject: Re:  Re  Zmailer/netfind problem      
> Date: 	Fri, 22 Jan 1993 13:55:00 -0500
> From: davecb@nexus.yorku.ca
>   Well, Kamil Kukura <kamk@ccsun.tuke.cs> solved my problem very easily...
> ...
>   Again, this was to avoid returning a misleading message that mail for the
> specified person is received locally, even if the person doesn't exist.  The
> former (errornious) message causes netfind to report that it's found someone
> when it really hasn't.


Thanks for locating this fix.  Actually, a while back I modified Netfind
to check for this problem and note to the user when it occurs.  I
included the note about fixing mailers in the FAQ because (a) old
versions of Netfind don't do this check and hence could report incorrect
information, (b) making Netfind check is wasteful (causes extra SMTP
queries and longer delay), and (c) it's incorrect, so should be fixed.
 - Mike