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Re: Zmailer/netfind problem

According to davecb@nexus.yorku.ca:
>   For people on the zmailer list, netfind is a search service for
> email adresses, invented by Mike Schwartz. To quote from the paper:
> 	We have built a prototype tool that provides a
>         simple Internet "white pages" directory  facility.   Given  the
>         name  of a user and a rough description of where the user works
>         e.g., the company name or city), the tool attempts  to  locate
> 	telephone  and  electronic mailbox information about that user.
>         Measurements indicate  that  the  scope  of  the  directory  is
>         upwards of 1,147,000 users in 1,929 administrative domains, yet
>         the tool does not require the type of global  cooperation  that
>         many  existing  or proposed directory services require
> 	[...]
>         information  formats  is difficult to achieve.  At present, the
>         tool utilizes information from USENET news messages, the Domain
>         Naming  System,  the  Simple  Mail  Transfer  Protocol, and the
>         "finger" protocol,
>   One of of the things it does is use smtp EXPN to find presence and forwarding
> information for users on a given host.  As the FAQ warns,
>         4.  Make sure your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server on
>             each domain-alias host responds correctly to EXPN requests.
>             This means
>                 a. it finds the mail forwarding information, and preferably
>                    reports it in a full format (preferably "250 UserName
>                    <ForwardingAddress>", rather than "250
>                    <ForwardingAddress>")
>                 b. it doesn't lie when asked a question it doesn't know
>                    (e.g., always responding that mail for the specified
>                    person is received locally, even if the person doesn't
>                    exist; some sites do this to preserve privacy)
>   Alas, my copy of zmailer gives ``false drops'': it says ``yes'' even when
> a usr isn't local. (It does give correct information if the user is local,
> has an alias, etc).
>    Is this fixed in a later release?  I'm running 2.2
>     If not, is the following a reasonable change?
> When I look at server.cf. I find:
>         case $(channel $quad) in
>         local)  text=$(login2uid $(user $quad)) # ignore return value
>                 if text="$(fullname $(user $quad))"; then
>                         text="local delivery for $text"
>                 else
>                         text="local delivery for"
>                 fi

I have modified this as following:

	case $(channel $quad) in
	local)	text=$(login2uid $(user $quad))	# ignore return value
		if text="$(fullname $(user $quad))"; then
			text="local delivery for $text"
#it's not '250 OK..'	text="local delivery for"
			text="550 no such user:"

If is true above and netfind will not use RCPT TO: for searching e-mail
addresses then it should work.

And of course make sure in accordance to man pages of smtpserver that file
'smtpserver.conf' is located in the $MAILSHARE.

Try in netfind:
kamk ccsun tuke cs          	- that is me
kamk tuke cs			- should recognize that is not my address
				  and correct to kamk@ccsun.tuke.cs
xyz ccsun tuke cs		- I garantuee there is not such user

K a m i l   K U K U R A