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Re: Configuring to allow aliases in 'Firstname.Lastname' form

> 	Can anyone provide for me configuration files for Zmailer
> (or explain what needs to be changed - this may end up the better
> option) such that the router will interpret names in 'Firstname.
> Lastname' form (ie, 'Craig.Metz@thor.tjhsst.edu') correctly by 
> first translating the name using the aliases database and then
> trying to deliver the message instead of trying to resolve names
> of this form as a newsgroup destination. We do not have a news
> system locally, so we can do without the latter resolution 
> technique if we must, but it would be nice to have that capability
> around in case we need it in the future. Thanks in advance to 
> anyone who can offer me any assistance.

  It is done with   fullnamemap  -database.
I recall I had to add usage of that mapping into   rrouter.cf
just before newsgroups -checkup to get this behaviour.

  Of course, that (and many other things) are covered in my patches
to present base (2.2.1) source; available via anonymous ftp from
nic.funet.fi:/pub/unix/mail/zmailer -directory.

  After that diff snapshot I have been adding some of those
"ideas for developement" I presented a while ago.  Most recent
thing has been adding real verbose trace of SMTP session -- it
did need modifications into scheduler, transporter library, and

> 						-Craig

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>