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Re: restricted relaying

Matti Aarnio wrote:

> (..)
>   The answer is:  No, there is no mechanism in plain Policy datasets
>                   to do that.
>   HOWEVER: If you run
>         - Possibly SSL
>         - SMTP AUTH LOGIN support (possibly without mandatory SSL mode before)
>   then a successfull login at email sending (rather trivial to force
>   to be used at Netscape, and likely at M$ IE too) will enable relaying
>   never mind where the user is.
>   (I use my office workstation that way as a relay for my laptop...)
> --
> /Matti Aarnio   <mea@nic.funet.fi>

Ok. It turned out that smtp-auth login could be good for us but one exception. I
couldn't force pmail for cooperation with that. Even when server sent lines:
and pmail was configured with option Sending(SMTP)->Authentication with proper
user name
in /var/log/mail/smtpserver there is no sequence:
AUTH LOGIN ........
334 ..........
at all and relaying of mail is rejected.

But  when I use Netscape Messenger all is right.

Any suggestion for that?

Part of pmail help:
"Login with username and password  If you check this control, Pegasus Mail will
attempt to login to the SMTP server using the username and password you supply
here. (...) It will only do this if your SMTP server states that it will accept
such a login (in technical terms, Pegasus Mail conforms to RFC2554, using the
ESMTP AUTH command)."