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Re: restricted relaying


E.Colanski wrote:
> [...]
> Ok. It turned out that smtp-auth login could be good for us but one exception. I
> couldn't force pmail for cooperation with that. Even when server sent lines:
> [...]
> Part of pmail help:
> "Login with username and password  If you check this control, Pegasus Mail will
> attempt to login to the SMTP server using the username and password you supply
> here. (...) It will only do this if your SMTP server states that it will accept
> such a login (in technical terms, Pegasus Mail conforms to RFC2554, using the
> ESMTP AUTH command)."
> [...]

Pegasus Mail 3.12a does not support LOGIN method of user 
authentication. David Kocmoud <david-kocmoud@tamu.edu>, a member
of Pegasus Mail support team told me, that Pegasus Mail 3.12a 
understands CRAM-MD5 authentication only, but in near future
LOGIN (or PLAIN) methos will be implemented.

Artur Urbanowicz

P.S. There is Pegasus Mail 3.12b available at www.pegasus.usa.com
     - check this out!