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Succes! Was: Re: One machine, 2 IP #, multiple localnames: possible?

It appears to work now :) Whee!

You, Matti Aarnio, <mea@nic.funet.fi>, wrote:

>   How about running:  $MAILBIN/policy-builder.sh -n   ?
>   "policy rejection" is a give-away for need of it.

I did that the first time already. Odd that it does work now ...

> > And the following error in the maillog.
> > 
> > smtp; 500 (nameserver data inconsistency.
> > No MX, no address: 'something.baz.org', errno=Success, gai_errno='name or
> > service is not known')
> 	This means the message got thru, and smtp transport agent is
> 	trying to deliver it, but MX data after 'self pruning' is
> 	an empty set, and no A record is present.  A symptom that
> 	'localnames' does not list 'something.baz.org' in it.

Well, it does (and did) list it

All mail is coming through now.. I think I'll blame Murphy and 
working at 2 at night for things not working right away...


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