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Re: zmailer & SQL Databases

Eugene Crosser wrote:
> On 22-Jul-99 at 17:19, Karl Pitrich (pit@root.at) wrote:
> > i am looking for a transport agent which delivers mail into, lets say, a
> > BLOB-Field in a MySQL DB
> > and also does user verification out of a MySQL database.
> >
> > has anyone done such a thing before?
> There are several people around who do user verification via a database.
> We build Zmailer with replacement getpwnam()/getpwuid() functions
> that do database serach.  Recently, someone also implemented PAM support.
> As to keeping mailboxes ain a database, I've never heard of that.
> > what are suggestions to implement this?
> > would a modufication in the standard mailbox TA succeed,
> > or are other parts of zmailer to be modified therefore?
> You probably want to make the local TA *and* router "database aware".
> Also, be careful to not loose messages if the database is not accessible
> at the moment of delivery.

thx, eugene for that info.

the concern about the database is, that, first all user-stuff is
independent from the system user db.
also i'd like the mail-data be independent from the system additionally.
i think it will also be a performance increase using a DB instead of
because no locking is needed, the database has chaching, and 
any number of deliveries can happen concurently, because the db manages
the accesses.

what do you think of this idea?

btw, the usage will be a smaller xoom.com or hotmail like system. 

Best regards, Karl Pitrich.

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