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Re: zmailer & SQL Databases

On 22-Jul-99 at 17:19, Karl Pitrich (pit@root.at) wrote:

> i am looking for a transport agent which delivers mail into, lets say, a
> BLOB-Field in a MySQL DB
> and also does user verification out of a MySQL database.
> has anyone done such a thing before?

There are several people around who do user verification via a database.
We build Zmailer with replacement getpwnam()/getpwuid() functions
that do database serach.  Recently, someone also implemented PAM support.
As to keeping mailboxes ain a database, I've never heard of that.

> what are suggestions to implement this? 
> would a modufication in the standard mailbox TA succeed,
> or are other parts of zmailer to be modified therefore?

You probably want to make the local TA *and* router "database aware".
Also, be careful to not loose messages if the database is not accessible
at the moment of delivery.