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Re: zmailer & SQL Databases

On 22-Jul-99 at 21:44, Karl Pitrich (pit@root.at) wrote:

> the concern about the database is, that, first all user-stuff is
> independent from the system user db.
> also i'd like the mail-data be independent from the system additionally.
> i think it will also be a performance increase using a DB instead of
> /var/spool/mail
> because no locking is needed, the database has chaching, and 
> any number of deliveries can happen concurently, because the db manages
> the accesses.
> what do you think of this idea?

I think that, first, datbase is usually less robust and less available
than plain filesystem, and second, there are no ready to use tools to
retreive messages from database-residint mailboxes.  Not even to mention
disk space overhead.  I think it's not worth.