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Re: message processing problem

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Volker Werth [VWSoft] wrote:

> When sending an email message through ZMailer, it is **sometimes**
> happening that the message file (or it's envelope) is being created in
> the postoffice (postoffice/transport/...) directory with inproper file
> flags or at least the wrong owner.
> An ls gives out the flags -r--rw---- and owner / group is daemon /
> root.


> 19990207061147 DBGdiag: # mailbox:22501: Cannot open control file
> "A/520-22426" from "/var/spool/postoffice/transport" for
> "local/tim@zeus.vwsoft.com" as uid 101! (%m) Resyncing file
> "A/520-22426" (ino=520) (of=1 ho='tim@zeus.vwsoft.com') .. resynced!
> o.k. I suspect the problem comes from some "setreuid" calls I needed
> to change to "setuid" because my UnixWare 2.03 system doesn't support
> that setreuid call directly (well.... it's in the man pages but noted
> as a ucb-cc call and I couldn't find any entries in any header or lib
> files within the c sdk for that call so I changed to setuid - has been
> a quick and dirty solution.....).

I'm having the same problem on an old Linux libc5 box (but I don't think
that's the problem). I'm using user=1 in my scheduler.conf to run the smtp
ta as daemon instead of root. I have zmailer 2.99.50s11 with the
cvs990308.diff.b patch applied.

In transports/libta/ctlopen.c:254, the control file gets opened O_RDWR,
but in router/rfc822.c:1913 where it's created, it gets fchmod'd 0460.
I'm not sure why (I haven't slept yet today so maybe I'm missing
something). You can change files_group or files_gid in router/conf.c to
something ``daemon'' belongs to so it can write to the files. I also had
to change the fchmod to 0660.