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sm(8) and ESMTP stream...

Hello.  In sm.conf I've got an entry:

mymailer      BBnm    /usr/lib/zmailer/bin/ta/mymailer mymailer

Which means that it gets ESMTP stream with DSN and with dots hidden.
It all works fine, unless the sender's hostname is one of localnames.
If so, the MAIL FROM:<user@host.domain> is changed into MAIL FROM:<user>,
which my smtpserver considers illegal.  Unfortunately I haven't
found the flag which would change this behaviour (PS: There're some
flags missing from the manual page, like "s", while they're checked
for in the sm.c), unfortunately with no result.

I "catched" the file in postoffice/transport, and there were
two "e" lines, first one proper user@host, and second one with
just user...

Is there a quick way to alter the behaviour or did I miss something?

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