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Re: domain related mail

We're in the process of doing that very thing... we've decided to
approach it as a series of steps... our users are very sensitie about
address changes... ;-)

Stage 1 - log all mail coming to the old address(es) while continuing to pass
messages along to the user. Every week or two we're forwarding the log to
the user to make them aware of mail arriving at the old address.

Stage 2 - Unless the user doesn't want an auto reply (we have
provision for a 'user' exclusion list to deal with fear of spam),
we're sending one reply to the sender (for each cycle). Every time we
empty the log we start a new cycle and the sender would get another

We've inplimented this by redirecting the old addresses to a separate
machine ( a Pentium 166 running Linux) and using the alias file to pass
one copy of the the message along to the user and another copy to our
autoanswer.sh script.


user1: user1@new.address, "(| zmailer/bin/autoreply.sh)"

I can send you a copy of the script... I may have to clean it up a bit if
someone else is going to see it... ;-)

We're also re-directing http requests, and sending error messages "Use
new.address..." to finger, telnet, and ftp service requests.

david potter

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, [iso-8859-1] Roar Thronęs wrote:

> Hi
> One of our domains will cease to exist later this year, and mail to that
> domain will surely bounce then.
> We would prefer giving those who now send mail to that domain an automatic 
> notification about changing the email address, while the receiver gets
> mail as usual.
> Anyone who has ideas of how to implement such a thing?
> (We are using cvs990308.)
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Roar Thronęs