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MAIL FROM source route weirdness in .50s11

doesn't seem to be handled properly in 2.99.50s11, even if I enable
allow-source-routes. It seems that the smtpserver just grabs
everything after the first @ and thinks that is a domain to be
checked (as shown by the named message):

==> /var/log/zmailer/smtpserver <==
11685r  MAIL From:<@marvin.cdf.toronto.edu:foo@cdf.toronto.edu>
11685#  -- policy result=-104, msg: <NONE!>
11685w  453-4.4.3 Policy analysis reports temporary DNS error
11685w  453-4.4.3 with your source domain.  Retrying may help,
11685w  453-4.4.3 or if the condition persists, you may need
11685w  453 4.4.3 to get somebody to fix your DNS servers.
11685r  RSET
11685w  250 2.0.0 Ok
11685r  QUIT
11685w  221 2.0.0 acli.interlog.com Out

==> /var/log/messages <==
Mar 12 22:46:05 ada named[1803]: host name "marvin.cdf.toronto.edu:foo\@cdf.toronto.edu" IN (response from []) is invalid - rejecting

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