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Re: MAIL FROM source route weirdness in .50s11

sorry for replying to my own post.

In article <19990313000819.A3421@acli.interlog.com> you write:
>doesn't seem to be handled properly in 2.99.50s11, even if I enable
>allow-source-routes. It seems that the smtpserver just grabs
>everything after the first @ and thinks that is a domain to be
>checked [...]

Some new information. The problem *only* shows up if I
allow-source-routes. Looking through smtpcmds.c, it seems
that ZMailer either drops the source route, or doesn't,
but policytest doesn't know about source routes. So in
the case that I allow-source-routes,

    SS->policyresult = policytest(policydb, &SS->policystate,
                                  POLICY_MAILFROM, cp, addrlen);

would pass a source-routed address to policytest(), which it
doesn't understand.

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