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Re: Unresolved: "Malformed recipient privilege data!"

> > 	You get lots of output (log it somehow), and among it is
> > 	the malformed routing result.  Knowing the particular one,
> > 	and the address and its processing which did lead to it,
> > 	will tell us more about what is really wrong.
> Ok, I've collected what I could and put it up for people to examine at
>   http://www.csuglab.cornell.edu/Info/People/rpb1/zmailer/debug.html
> It seems that the initial reading of the recipient address gets the
> invalid privilege data (the code looks like it expects privilege to be
> between 0 and 9 in the function where this message comes from, prctladdr),
> and this is never changed. Is it supposed to get changed to a valid value
> later, or should it have been valid when it was first set? The address
> gets processed into its correct form and recognized as local, but it still
> aborts the routing when it writes out the specification for transport. 

	I think the code does not like the UID of NOBODY being '-2',
	and therefore complains of it...

	See  router/rfc822.c  around line 2395.

	Care to rewrite that so that it accepts any numeric value,
	including negative ones ?  (And rejects non-decimal / non-numeric
	inputs, e.g. if that component string trails with non-numeric
	chars it should barf..)

>    Routing:
>                 'xethair'(atom)
>                 '@'(special)
>                 'canticle'(atom)
>         g1=(privilege -2 type recipient DSN ORCPT=rfc822;xethair@canticle)
> Also, with rtrace on and the -x flag passed to zmsh, the output has a 
> huge number of "too many newlines (LFs) in field[2]" messages, which 
> aren't there without the -x flag. I don't know what that would mean or be 
> from. There is a real error, though:

	Yeah, I know of it, but haven't fixed it.
	This system is full of surprising IO redirections where this kind
	of debugging things sometimes intermix with sub-function outputs,
	they become expanded, and then kaboom...

>                         [ + otherservers canticle + return (return 1) <0> ]
> [: unknown operand '1)'
> [: syntax error at: <0>
> [: syntax error at:
> ?=1
>                         echo canticle.concordant-thought.com
>                         return (return 0) <0>
>                     tmp='+ deliver canticle
> But this happened when processing the sender's address, too, so it 
> shouldn't be the cause of my problem, should it?
> Hope this is useful,
> Robert Braddock
> rpb1@cornell.edu

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>