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Re: Unresolved: "Malformed recipient privilege data!"

> 	You get lots of output (log it somehow), and among it is
> 	the malformed routing result.  Knowing the particular one,
> 	and the address and its processing which did lead to it,
> 	will tell us more about what is really wrong.

Ok, I've collected what I could and put it up for people to examine at

It seems that the initial reading of the recipient address gets the
invalid privilege data (the code looks like it expects privilege to be
between 0 and 9 in the function where this message comes from, prctladdr),
and this is never changed. Is it supposed to get changed to a valid value
later, or should it have been valid when it was first set? The address
gets processed into its correct form and recognized as local, but it still
aborts the routing when it writes out the specification for transport. 

        g1=(privilege -2 type recipient DSN ORCPT=rfc822;xethair@canticle)

Also, with rtrace on and the -x flag passed to zmsh, the output has a 
huge number of "too many newlines (LFs) in field[2]" messages, which 
aren't there without the -x flag. I don't know what that would mean or be 
from. There is a real error, though:

                        [ + otherservers canticle + return (return 1) <0> ]
[: unknown operand '1)'
[: syntax error at: <0>
[: syntax error at:
                        echo canticle.concordant-thought.com
                        return (return 0) <0>
                    tmp='+ deliver canticle

But this happened when processing the sender's address, too, so it 
shouldn't be the cause of my problem, should it?

Hope this is useful,

Robert Braddock