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Information for a novice.

This might not be a ZMailer question, but since I know you folk are
such helpful, knowledgeable people, I figured you'd be willing to
answer my question anyway. :-)

I have ZMailer set up to deliver into a Unix format mailbox (i.e. all
messages in a single file). My understanding is that the messages are
separated by a line that begins with 'From '. I regularly get an email
that contains 'From ' in the body of the message. This confuses my POP
server which splits the single message into two when I go to get it.
Whose responsibility is it to change 'From ' lines in the body of a
message to '>From ' ? Any suggestions on what I need to fix?

Here is a description of my system:

     ZMailer 2.99.49p4
     SPARCstation 10
     SunOS 4.1.3
     POP3 Version 1.004

Thanks for your help,


Brian Dockter                    | Email: Brian_Dockter@stg.sel.sony.com
Sr. Software Engineer            | Voice: 206-524-0014
Sony Electronics, Seattle        | FAX: 206-524-3440