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Re: Unresolved: "Malformed recipient privilege data!"

> I posted to this list about a week ago about this error message, and have
> received no response at all. Am I to assume that _no_one_ here has any
> idea what this message means or how I might find out where the problem
> is--or is there something wrong with the way I'm asking? 
> A little more info: with the debugging output turned on, the error appears
> immediately after the line "Emit specification to the transport system"
> and that's essentially all that I got from attaching strace to the router
> as well: it writes the error message out right after it sets up the owner
> and permissions on the file.

	A week ago I was at the throes of a flu...  (or perhaps it was
	just some 'cold', as it took only about 10 days for me to recover.)

	I think this is a telltale of malformed routing result from
	within the router.

	For a given routing spool file  1234,  do following with
	interactive router, e.g.:

	# $MAILBIN/router -i
	z# cd $POSTOFFICE/router
	z# rtrace
	z# process 1234

	You get lots of output (log it somehow), and among it is
	the malformed routing result.  Knowing the particular one,
	and the address and its processing which did lead to it,
	will tell us more about what is really wrong.

> Still frustrated,
> Robert Braddock
> rpb1@cornell.edu

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>