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rewriting of "from:" part user domain

I have noticed strange (for me) behavior of my system.
If some system send mail via my relay using e.g. from: <user@his.domain>
where "his.domain" is domain in my localnames my system rewrites "from"
part to something like this: <user@my.domain> where "my domain" is my
primary domain.


My system name is star.gdansk.supermedia.pl
User sends mail:

From: <costam@car.supermedia.pl>
To: <costam2@car.com>

My systems rewrites this mail to this form:

From: <costam@gdansk.supermedia.pl
To: <costam@car.com>

Maybe somebody can tell me where to start searching to resolve this

User "costam" is not system user (not in /etc/passwd). 

Irek Rogala
SuperMedia O/Gdansk