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Re: Unwanted From header

> Using one of my hosts as mail relay, I found that zmailer adds for
> each posting one more From header. What is peculiar, each and every
> header contains - as user name, no matter what is the name the user
> claims in the headers. All computers relaying mail thru this machine
> are placed of cours on our policy-relay list, so they should have the
> right to specify any address they choose.
> Q: Is there any method to drop this header, or at least make it look
> the same as the socond one.

>From the  INSTALL  file:

    ==> /etc/group : zmailer -group

	The default configuration also expects to find names of trusted users
	listed at  /etc/group -entry:  zmailer.  Users (unames) listed there
	will be able to claim any addresses at the message headers, etc.
	(See $MAILSHARE/cf/trusted.cf  for its usage there.)
	The usual MINIMAL set is:  root,daemon,uucp
	(Note: At some machines 'daemon' is called 'daemons'; it MUST be on
	 that group for the smtpserver to work properly!)

The thing is a bit more complex, though.  At the router, all file owner
uids are translated to unames, and then checked if the name *uname* exists
in dataset generated from that 'zmailer' group membership list.  If the
uid-translated-to-uname can not be found from the trusted set, then the
router will (re)generate 'Sender:', and envelope "MAIL FROM" address.

Essentially this means that all uids under which certain types of message
injections can happen, must have their reversed names listed in the 'trusted'
database -- which per default is 'zmailer' -group.

The smtpserver uses userid 'daemon' (usually that uid<->uname is uniquely
mapped in the system.)

> 					Thanks for your time; /S
>    Suavek Zak	RIPE/SZ61-ORG  PGP: finger://zaks@prioris.im.pw.edu.pl

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>