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Re: ZMailer license

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, John DiMarco wrote:

> In message <Pine.BSF.4.05.9902241740001.13145-100000@misery.sdf.com>you write:
> >  Well, that is an interesting question to consider.  I don't recall Rayan
> >ever making a posting to this list.  Rayan stopped developing Zmailer at
> >2.2.  Well, that isn't true.  He has done some development since then, but
> >those changes have not been seen outside UUNet Canada and/or Border
> >Technologies.  So there really are two Zmailers:  Matti-Zmailer and
> >Rayan-Zmailer.  I've actually looked over a devel version of
> >Rayan-Zmailer.  Lots of things were done quite different from
> >Matti-Zmailer.  I've been told by others that Rayan has been thinking
> >about making a public release of his new Zmailer, and it might happen
> >"soon", but I imagine there are lot of legal hurdles.
> I don't think Rayan will ever get around to a public release of zmailer;
> he's more interested in other things now, I think.

  You must mean a "new" public release.  After all his 2.2 release in 1990
(?) is what started all of this.

> Anyways, there are at least six zmailers:  
> 	1. Matti's at funet.fi
> 	2. The UofToronto Computer Science version we use here.
> 	3. A variant of 2. used at University of Toronto Cquest
> 	4. UUNet Canada's version.
> 	5. The version used in BorderWare.

  4 and 5 are probably the same.  UUNet just uses an older version of the
Borderware stuff.

  Besides the newest Borderware Zmailer has a bug that I just detected.
Send borderware.com a HELP command and you will see what I mean.
> 	6. The version used by HotMail.  

  I don't know if this really exists.  The SMTP receiver looks like
Zmailer 2.2 with the versions removed (no ESMTP support just like
stock Zmailer-2.2).  They strangely removed Rayan's trademark from the
help, but left the zmhacks@cs.toronto.edu as a contact for server

> Of the above, 1 and 2, and probably 3, can be made available, and maybe even
> 4.  Forget about 5 and 6 -- in fact, as far as I can tell, Hotmail won't even
> publicly admit to the existence of 6.
> >  And of course, Univeristy of Toronto staff made some maintenance
> >releases of Zmailer available.  These aren't in common use anymore, as
> most people seem to be running Matti-Zmailer
> Matti has contributed a lot to zmailer and I recommend people use his
> version rather than our's, which has been changed only minimally in several
> years.  Plus, he maintains his version for people to use in general; our only
> interest in zmailer is for our own needs.  For example, our campus' largest
> email site (Info Commons) uses Matti's zmailer, not our's.
> But if somebody would still like to see a more recent maintenance release
> of our code, I can arrange for one to be put on our ftp server.  
> Regards,
> John
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