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Re: ZMailer license

On 24 Feb 1999, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> Personally I rather agree with you, but my opinion is worth nothing.
> Rayan's is.  If Rayan wanted to use the GPL it is perhaps a good idea
> to follow his wish.

  Well, that is an interesting question to consider.  I don't recall Rayan
ever making a posting to this list.  Rayan stopped developing Zmailer at
2.2.  Well, that isn't true.  He has done some development since then, but
those changes have not been seen outside UUNet Canada and/or Border
Technologies.  So there really are two Zmailers:  Matti-Zmailer and
Rayan-Zmailer.  I've actually looked over a devel version of
Rayan-Zmailer.  Lots of things were done quite different from
Matti-Zmailer.  I've been told by others that Rayan has been thinking
about making a public release of his new Zmailer, and it might happen
"soon", but I imagine there are lot of legal hurdles.

  And of course, Univeristy of Toronto staff made some maintenance
releases of Zmailer available.  These aren't in common use anymore, as
most people seem to be running Matti-Zmailer

  In case anyone asks, I don't that copy of Rayan-Zmailer anymore.  I
found it an incoming directory on ftp.uunet.ca over a year ago.  I removed
it, as I didn't think I should have it.  UUNet Canada staff removed it
from their server shortly after.

> --Arnt