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Re: ZMailer license

In message <Pine.BSF.4.05.9902241740001.13145-100000@misery.sdf.com>you write:
>  Well, that is an interesting question to consider.  I don't recall Rayan
>ever making a posting to this list.  Rayan stopped developing Zmailer at
>2.2.  Well, that isn't true.  He has done some development since then, but
>those changes have not been seen outside UUNet Canada and/or Border
>Technologies.  So there really are two Zmailers:  Matti-Zmailer and
>Rayan-Zmailer.  I've actually looked over a devel version of
>Rayan-Zmailer.  Lots of things were done quite different from
>Matti-Zmailer.  I've been told by others that Rayan has been thinking
>about making a public release of his new Zmailer, and it might happen
>"soon", but I imagine there are lot of legal hurdles.

I don't think Rayan will ever get around to a public release of zmailer;
he's more interested in other things now, I think.

Anyways, there are at least six zmailers:  

	1. Matti's at funet.fi
	2. The UofToronto Computer Science version we use here.
	3. A variant of 2. used at University of Toronto Cquest
	4. UUNet Canada's version.
	5. The version used in BorderWare. 
	6. The version used by HotMail.  

Of the above, 1 and 2, and probably 3, can be made available, and maybe even
4.  Forget about 5 and 6 -- in fact, as far as I can tell, Hotmail won't even
publicly admit to the existence of 6.

>  And of course, Univeristy of Toronto staff made some maintenance
>releases of Zmailer available.  These aren't in common use anymore, as
most people seem to be running Matti-Zmailer

Matti has contributed a lot to zmailer and I recommend people use his
version rather than our's, which has been changed only minimally in several
years.  Plus, he maintains his version for people to use in general; our only
interest in zmailer is for our own needs.  For example, our campus' largest
email site (Info Commons) uses Matti's zmailer, not our's.

But if somebody would still like to see a more recent maintenance release
of our code, I can arrange for one to be put on our ftp server.  


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